UNI-T UT243 Power and Harmonics Clamp Meter

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UNI-T UT243 Power and Harmonics Clamp Meter
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 The UNI-T UT243 Power and Harmonics Clamp Meter is an easy to use clamp meter that uses true RMS to obtain accurate results. It can be used to measure AC voltages of up to 600 volts to an accuracy of 1.2%, and AC currents of up to 1,000 amperes to an accuracy of 2%, each in three measurement ranges.

This UNI-T UT243 Power and Harmonics Clamp Meter can also be used to measure active power of up to 600 kW, apparent power of 600 kVA and reactive power of 600 kVAr. What’s more, this clamp meter is capable of measuring frequencies of between 20 and 500 Hertz, and active energy of up to 9,999 kWh.

On the front of the body of this power clamp meter are 12 buttons, each of which is clearly labelled to make use as easy as possible. There are also four ports, including a COM port. On the left side of the body is the large trigger, which operates the jaws of the clamp, and allows you to use the device with one hand.

Once readings have been obtained, they are displayed on the LCD screen, which has an optional backlight, allowing users to view their results in all lighting conditions. The multi meter has a great range of features, including a USB port, which allows you to connect the meter to a computer in order to transfer data, and a harmonic distortion rate measurement function.

The device is highly portable, as it weighs 601g, and measures 303 x 112 x 39 millimetres. It is powered by four 1.5V batteries. 

Notice: because of safe air shipment the batteries are not availables.

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