RIGOL DS1072U 70Mhz Oscilloscope FFT 500MSa/s 3 yrs warranty air shipping track

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DS1000U series is a kind of economical digital oscilloscope with high-performance.
Product overview
The front panel of DS1000U series comes with clear visual design, conforming to the usage of
traditional instruments, which is convenient for the users.
1. Electronic circuit test
2. Circuit function test
3. Logical relation between signals verification
4. Circuit of mixed signal test
5. Education and training
Easy to use design

Built-in help menu enables information getting more convenient

Multiple Language User Interface, support English input

Support U disk and local files storage

Waveform intensity of analog channel can be adjusted

To display a waveform automatically by (AUTO)

Pop-up menu makes it easy to operate

Main Features
1. 500MSa/s real-time sample rate and 10GSa/s equivalent sample rate
2. 5.6 inch and 64k TFT LCD make waveform display more clear and vivid
3. Abundant trigger types: Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope and Alternate
4. Unique adjustable trigger sensitivity enables to meet different demands
5. Enable to measure 22 types of waveform parameters and track measurements via cursor automatically
6. Unique waveform record and replay
7. Fined delayed scan function
8. Built-in FFT function, hold practical digital filters
9. Pass/Fail detection function enables to output testing results
10. Math operation available to multiple waveforms
11. Powerful PC application software UltraScope
12. Standard configuration interface: USB device, USB Host, R232 and support U disk storage and PictBridge print standards
13. Unique “Key Lock” function meets the needs of industrial production
14. Support remote command control
All specifications apply to DS1000U series digital oscilloscopes unless where noted. To come up to these specifications, two conditions must be met firstly:
The instrument must have been operated continuously for 30 minutes under specified operating temperature.
Do perform Self-Calibration operation through Utility menu if the range of operating temperature variations up to or more than 5°C.
Note: all specifications are guaranteed unless where marked “typical”. Multiple TriggerDS1000U series oscilloscopes contain abundant triggers: Edge trigger, Pulse Width trigger, Video trigger, Slope trigger and Alternate trigger. Unique function of adjustable trigger sensitivity is good for filtering possible noise from trigger signal to avoid false triggers. UltraScope SoftwareRIGOL provides powerful PC application software UltraScope.UltraScope enables to capture and measure waveform, perform local and remote operation, save waveforms as “.bmp” format, save files as “.txt” or “.xls” format and print waveforms.Waveform RecordingWaveform recording of DS1000U series oscilloscopes not only can record input waveforms from two channels, but also can record the waveforms outputted by Pass/Fail testing. Totally, up to 1000 frames of waveforms are available to record. Besides, users can analyze waveforms according to playback or save function to get more exact datum.

In cursor mode, users can easily measure by moving cursor. Besides, 3 types of cursor measurement are optional: Auto, Manual and Track.

512K Memory depth Alternate Trigger


lower noise Keyboard locker


Pass/Fail test

The Pass/Fail function monitors the changes of signals by comparing

whether the input signal is within the pre-defined mask. The testing

result not only can be displayed on screen or output by isolated Pass/Fail

port, but also can be alarmed according to turn on system sound.


Automatically Measure 22 Waveform Parameters
Oscilloscopes provide 22 types of waveform parameters for automatically 
measuring, which contains 10 Voltage and 12 Time parameters.  


Sample modes

Real-time sample

Equivalent sample

Sample rate




The waveform will be displayed one time while all channels finish N times sample. N could be selectable from 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256.



Input coupling


Input impedance

1MΩ±2%, the input capacitance is18pF±3pF

Probe attenuation factors

1X, 5X, 10X, 50X, 100X, 500X, 1000X

Maximum input voltage

400V (DC+AC peak value, 1 MΩ input impedance

40V (DC+AC peak value)

Time delay between channel (typical)




Sample rate range

Real-time: 13.65Sa/s ~ 500MSa/s

Equivalent: 13.65Sa/s ~10MSa/s

Waveform interpolation

Sin (x)/x

Memory depth

Channel mode

Sample rate

Memory depth


Memory depth

(long memory)

Dual/ single channel

500MSa/s or lower



250MSa/s or lower



Scanning speed range (s/div)

5ns/div-50s/div, 1-2-5 sequence

Sample rate and delay time accuracy

±50ppm (any interval ≥1ms)

Delta time (△T)

Measurement accuracy (full bandwidth)

Single: ± (1 sample interval+50ppm×reading+0.6ns)

>16 averages: ± (1 sample interval+ 50ppm×reading+0.4ns)



A/D converter

8-bit resolution, two channels sample simultaneously

Volts/div range

2mV/div~10V/div ( at input terminal BNC)

Maximum input

Maximum input voltage on analog channel

CAT Ⅰ300Vrms, 1000Vpk; instaneous overvoltage1000Vpk

CAT Ⅱ100Vrms, 1000Vpk

RP2200 10:1: CAT Ⅱ300Vrms

RP3200 10:1: CAT Ⅱ300Vrms

RP3300 10:1: CAT Ⅱ300Vrms

Position range

±40V (250mV/div~10V/div)

±2V (2mV/div~245mV/div)

Equivalent bandwidth


Single-shot bandwidth


Selectable analog bandwidth limit (typical)


Low frequency response (AC coupling, -3dB)

≤5Hz (at BNC)

Rise time (when equivalent sample, typical at BNC)


DC gain accuracy

2mV/div~5mV/div, ±4% (in normal or average acquisition mode)

10mV/div~10V/div, ±3% (in normal or average acquisition mode)

DC measurement accuracy ( average acquisition mode)

When vertical displacement is zero and N≥16:

± (DC gain accuracy× reading+0.1div+1mV)

When vertical displacement is not zero and N≥16:

± [DC gain accuracy × ( reading + vertical displacement) + ( 0.1%×vertical displacement) + 0.2div]

From 2mV/div to 245mV/div, add 2mV for setting value.

From 250mV/div to 10V/div, add 50mV for setting value.

Voltage difference measurement precision ( average acquisition mode)

In the same setting and condition, voltage difference (△V) between any two points in the waveforms coming from the average of more than 16 waveforms have been acquired: ± (DC gain accuracy×reading+0.05div)



Trigger sensitivity

0.1div~1.0div (adjustable)

Trigger level range


±6div from center of screen



Trigger level accuracy (typical) applicable to signal of rising and falling time 20ns.


±(0.3div×V/div) (±4div from center of screen)


±(6% setting value+200mV)

Trigger displacement

In normal mode: pre-trigger (memory depth/(2×sample rate)) delayed trigger 1s

In slow scan mode: pre-trigger 6div, delayed trigger 6div

Trigger holdoff range


Set level to 50% (typical)

When input signal frequency ≥50Hz


Edge trigger

Edge type

Rising, falling and rising+falling


Pulse width trigger

Trigger condition

(>, <, =) positive pulse width, (>, <, =) negative pulse width

Pulse width range



Video trigger

Signal system

Line frequency range

Support for standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast systems.

Line number range: 1~525 (NTSC) and 1~625 (PAL/SECAM)


Slope trigger

Trigger condition

(>, <, =) positive slope, (>, <, =) negative slope

Time setting



Alternate trigger

Trigger on CH1

Edge, pulse width, video and slope

Trigger on CH2

Edge, pulse width, video and slope





Voltage difference between cursors (△V)

Time difference between cursors (T)

Reciprocal of T (Hz) (1/T)


Voltage and time value for waveform points


Cursors are visible for automatic measurement

Auto measurement

Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, overshoot, preshoot, freq, period, rise time, fall time, +pulse width, -pulse width, +duty, -duty, delay , delay , phase , phase



Display type

145mm (5.6 inch) diagonal TFT liquid crystal display

Display resolution

320 horizontal × RGB × 234 vertical pixels

Display color

64k color

Display contrast (typical)


Backlight brightness (typical)

300 nit


Probe compensator output

Output voltage (typical)

Approximately 3Vpp, peak to peak value

Frequency (typical)



Power supply

Supply voltage

100~240 VACRMS, 45~440Hz, CATⅡ

Power consumption

Less than 50W


2A, T level, 250V




Operating: 10°C~40°C

Non-operating: -20°C~60°C

Cooling method

Fan cooling


Below 35°C: ≤90% relative humidity

35°C~40°C: ≤60% relative humidity


Operating at 3,000m or below

Non-operating at 15,000m or below


Mechanical specifications









Without packaged




1) Power cord for your country;
2) Two units of original RP2200 150Mhz probes;
3) Software CD;
4) Free BNC test lead;
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