ACHI New launch BGA rework station IR6500 for Xbox360,PS3

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IR6500 BGA Rework Station is on the basis of IR6000, the functions and safety were retrofitted and upgraded which is more adapted to user demands.

The related technical details are as follow:

1.Safe air switch is safer and offer overload/ short circuit protection.

2.The abnormity pole is more convenient to fixture irregular board, and can use transverse tension to prevent motherboard deformation

3. Closed panel is safer and can be cleaned

4.Closed panel is safer and can be cleaned

5.OMEGA Thermocouple Wire is more accurate, and more flexible to locate on main


6. Temperature is more accurate.and temperature setting is much more easy.

Power: 1250W

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Size : 475 mm×480 mm×420 mm

ACHI IR6500 can rework big chipset as big as 70mm*70mm. You can use it in broad area such as notebook,desktop, switch and also XBOX360, PS3 and other area SMD reworking if you own one.

It is ideal for welding and reworking of CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and all the green epoxy type μBGA.

It has Large top heating area, it makes CPU block, Various shield cover and component slot repair much more easier.

ACHI IR6500 gets over the problem of ir rework station heating slowly and disorderly caused by the air flow.It is with dark infrared technology, the temperature ups quicker and steadily,which can let the desoldering process finish about only 5 minutes.

ACHI IR6500 BGA rework station can also easy deal with the lead free soldering. The max temperature can up to 400 °C.

ACHI IR6500 can be connected to computer or notebook with USB interface and can be controlled by the IRSOFT temperature software. it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control. It can store 10 groups of temperature profiles at one time.

ACHI IR6500 is with contact temperature sensor, it can capture the accurate BGA temperature at any time. And when soldering finished, it will alert you.

No hot air flow during the reworking process with ACHI IR6500, the surrounding small components is safe. And you can reball BGA with it directly, or reball BGA by hand with it easily with no deformation of the BGA stencils.

ACHI IR6500 is of high integration Design, the smaller workbench, non-mixed cables and the convenient operation –all the process of soldering controlled by a button.

ACHI IR6500 comes with manual and video demonstration CD-ROM,the information is easy to understand. Even if you have never engaged in BGA rework , you can quickly mastere the technology.

The Linear guide type Bracket for ACHI IR6500 can be locked,adjusted by rotating the handle, which can fix PCB board easily, effectively with no PCB board deformation easily.

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